Is Your Car Trying to Tell You Something?

Cars communicate with their drivers in many ways, the most common is via dashboard warning lights. When one of those lights comes on, it is sometimes hard to know what to do. Don't worry though, the staff at Junge Center Point is here to help. Here are some common warning lights and how to deal with them:

  • Oil warning: This typically indicates abnormal oil pressure, which necessitates an oil change.
  • Brake warning: This indicates an issue with your brakes. It's best to get this checked out quickly.
  • Check engine: A catch-all warning that indicates anything from a loose gas cap to engine misfires. An onboard computer stores information on the specific error.
If any of these, or any other, warning lights come on, your car is telling you there is an issue. Stop by the service department at Junge Center Point and we can help get you back on the road.
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