Reasons Why Your Car Engine May be Overheating

Being able to identify the cause of a battery overheating will go a long way in eliminating the chances of it causes serious damage to the moving parts of the engine.

  • Look to see if the radiator cap may have fallen off. Look inside the radiator to see how much coolant is present, and only top off with coolant, not straight water.
  • The radiator hoses could be loose or they may have failed, so look at all sides carefully. If the hose clamps are damaged, they will allow the coolant to escape this pressurized system.
  • Once the car is cool, look at the bottom of the water pump. It needs to be dry, so if you see dripping or a pool of coolant, the bearing may be shot.

If you have engine overheating issues with your car, come to our service center here at Junge Center Point so we can find out what is the cause and fix it fast.

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