The Numerous Jeep Compass Capability Features

Looking for a compact SUV packed with capability features? Then you will want to learn more about the new Jeep Compass.

Regardless what the weather conditions on the road, your new Jeep Compass has been designed to make driving safer and easier. The SUV has an auto mode feature that will identify conditions on the road and make traction adjustments so your ride is safer. The wipers have a rain-sensing technology and a de-icing feature that keep your field of vision clear regardless the weather. Heated mirrors on the sides of the Jeep ensure clear views too.

Take the Jeep off-road or down the highway and make changes to the way the Jeep grips the road using the traction management system. Each one of these five driving modes is designed to instantly synchronize with the transfer case, throttle control, transmission shifting, and the pedal response.

If you stop by Junge Center Point today, you can test drive the all-new Jeep Compass.

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