What Should You Use to Clean Your Fuel System?

Fuel system cleaners are a recent development in the car industry. In past times, fuel was devoid of additives but still dirty. Tetraethyllead was one additive that contributed to fuel system clogging. Recent advances have helped to reduce the number of contaminants in fuel, but nothing can stop the presence of contaminants in fuel.

Over the last decade, steady advances in fuel technology have cleaned much of the contaminants out of fuel. However, contaminants come in such small forms that the complete elimination of contaminants is more expensive than taking care to clean your system. Back in the ‘70s research began on cleansing products for fuel systems. Fuel additive advances have created many products that, when added to your fuel, serve as lubricants as well as contaminant dissolvers.

In our service center here at Junge Center Point in Center Point, IA we use a comprehensive fuel system cleaner that will not harm your vehicle.

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