Replacing the Belts and Hoses Is an Important Part of Vehicle Maintenance

When owning a vehicle, keeping on top of the maintenance of the belts and hoses is an integral aspect of vehicle care. Replacing these items when needed will ensure that your vehicle is always in good running condition.

The belts in the vehicle are used to drive the components of the engine such as the water pump, the power steering pump, the fan, the compressor, the alternator, the air injection pump, the pistons and the valves. The hoses serve the purpose of transferring fluids all through the engine. The belts and hoses will eventually wear out and crack, so you should replace them as needed and at the intervals indicated by the owner's manual.

If it is time to replace these items, or they are beginning to show some wear, bring your vehicle on over to our service center at Junge Center Point in Center Point, IA for a complete check to see what, if any, of these items may need replacing. We look forward to servicing your vehicle.

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