The Dodge Grand Caravan has long been prized by van owners for the vehicle's comfortable and spacious interior. However, technological advances ensure that all of the van's occupants are now safer than ever while enjoying the journey. Explore the options available on the 2019 Grand Caravan by visiting our Center Point, IA Junge Center Point facility and go for a drive.

In the past, backing up a van posed a substantial risk secondary to limited viewing capability. However, the Grand Caravan features a strategically positioned rear camera that provides drivers with a clear view. In the event of an obstacle, the vehicle also provides drivers with audio and visual alerts in order to prevent disaster.

Lane changing technology protects the vehicle and occupants while on the open road. Should you accidentally veer into the wrong lane, the Dodge Grand Caravan alerts you to the danger. In the event you desire to change lanes on the highway, the vehicle also monitors the lanes to ensure the way is clear.

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