Although the Jeep Compass is a smaller SUV, it offers several safety features to keep you protected when you're on the road. There are over 70 features in the SUV to promote safety including alerts that let you know if you're following another vehicle too closely or if there is an object behind your vehicle.

Blind-spot monitoring is available so that you can keep an eye on vehicles and objects on the sides of your car when you're in Center Point, IA. Cruise control is adaptive to the driving conditions, slowing the Jeep if there are vehicles in front of you on the road. Stay in your lane while driving with lane departure assistance.

The Jeep Compass comes with seven airbags that are positioned in the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle. The chassis is made of sturdy steel to decrease the risks of it bending if you're in an accident. The energy in an accident is designed to be directed away from the interior of the Jeep Compass, which is a detail that Junge Center Point can discuss when you purchase the SUV.

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